Any "yes" still left for Yes Bank ?

After some recovery from Aug 2018-Nov 2018 deep fall from 146.75 to first week of April 2019's high of 286, Yes Bank again tumbles down steeply and continuously, leaving bulls disheartened and delusional about it's recovery. Since then, "will the prices crawl back?" is the only question in their mind.

Yes Bank targets Nifty Analysis

Is this the price to buy the stock again? If you ask technically, the answer is "not quite so". The stock already entered into deep shallows, where no chances of bulls to recover so easily, unless it bounces from 109.30 and breaks the resistance and bullish invalidation zone of 119. Looks difficult but divergence in price and RSI brought some hope for recovery. If this happens, the prices for upward side will be 132.45 to 156.85.
About face, a break of 109.30 support conveys a bad news for the optimists, bringing the prices as low as 101.50 and 90.35 (long term supporting trend line).

So for those who are still holding it in their longs, look for this week's close and decide accordingly.