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Advanced Technical Analysis Programme


A Two-Week Masterclass for Trading and Investment Professionals


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In this Advanced Masterclass on Technical Analysis, you will learn...


  • A very rare but effective theory which is used by selected institutions only.
  • The Perfect Line
  • Advanced strategies that achieve massive accuracy
  • The side you want to see the market fall*
  • The Perfect Slope
  • The Fib Number
  • Volume Profile DNA
  • 1 Year full access to Karthik's market calls and trades worth PRICELESS 



  • Day 1: Introduction to Masterclass 

     Topics and curriculum 

  • Day 2: Volume Analysis

    The session covers the intraday strategies including stock selection and trading tactics, along with which stocks to avoid for intraday.

  • Day 3: Advanced Fibonacci

    This session covers the positional as well as swing trading strategies by using a special customized calculated Fib sequence derived by us.

  • Day 4: Time & Price Analysis

    This session covers the long-term and positional trading strategies based on an exclusive tool derived from Andrew's dynamic trendlines, customized by our in-house sequences. 

  • Day 5: Reaction Lines

    This session is an extended class of Day 4 which is useful in anticipating the upcoming price reactions.

  • Day 6: Banking Pattern
    This session covers positional and long-term trading strategies using a unique method called Banking pattern which is the most advanced and less-known strategy, available only to few Hedge Fund managers, now to our Masterclass students.
  • Day 7: Conclusion

    The last session covers all the above strategies for any extended session including assessments.

Note: Sessions will be conducted every alternative day so that every student to apply and practice the strategies in live markets. Every session demands your utmost attention and timely submission of homework so you don't have to depend on anyone anymore for your trading decisions.


Wait! Before you enroll, have a look what our students have to say about their experience with Masterclass.

Siddharth Sharma | CA


Awesome class with awesome mentor.. What we are learning  here, this knowledge is not accessible to all. I bet, one will not find this on entire internet. Kartik Sir is very patient and has full control of the subject.  The way he controls the market is like musician controlling the orchestra with his baton. And it is not a class with laid back case studies of share market, what we learn here is applied on live markets and Kartik sir and Raksha are always there to help us with our doubts and help us in refining our strategies. His over the years experience with big hedge funds has really helped us, as he knows what's going behind  the market charts and predicts it bang on. Each moment in the class is a "Wow" moment and i am lucky to be in the first 10 who joined this course. Once these strategies applied with bhoomi its like an icing on the cake and are unbeatable.The passion he puts in his teaching is immense and he is available round the clock to help his students.. Once again i will repeat  Awesome class with Awesome mentor !!
Rahul Matai | Entrepreneur 


"The Master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried". Stock market is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move, And my Each and every move was getting failed from the last three years as I did not know that players on the opposite side were deciding my every move and forcing me to lose the game. And then Masterclass happens, knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and KNOWLEDGE, and by learning the lessons that are acculated along the way. I don't have any words to thank Karthik Ji, as he is sharing all his experience with his students. He always repeats in his class that he will not leave any student till he gets success in the stock market, that's what real mentors do. 

I Can not compare myself with Great Arjun but definitely can see karthik ji as Lord Krishna, as he is guiding us the way out by winning this battle called stock market.
 "The Master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried" .
Ravishankar Gopalakrishnan | IT Consultant


Master’s Masterclass Karthik, the Master, is thoughtful and has put in a lot of time and effort to make this a real gem of a course that morphs any trader into a hedge fund manager. He has this unique ability to excite and induce interest in the students helping them simply learn complex theories. He ensures everyone in the class clearly understands the concepts and puts the same to practical use. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to really trade the way the big hedge fund managers trade.

Lavan Kumar Tangapalli | Jeweller


This course is purely inside information, fantastic learnings. Karthik Sir comes straight to the point, his teachings will make you earn Big Money like him, he know his game and he takes you there.. If you are a person who wants to profit from the markets every time you trade, this is the only course for you, highly recommended. 

Praveen Bhaktyani | Citi 


This is not a normal class : Its like watching a thriller movie on technical analysis, Kartik takes you deep into the subject and holds your hand till you learn and master it.. i have taken almost all the classes outside this, but this is truly a masterclass by the master himself and you can start your money making game the moment you finish day 3, the leanings here are far far advanced and functional.. i highly recommend this MASTERCLASS

Tanushree Bhamore | Trader


Hello Sir, It has been of immense fortune to join your Masterclass. The technique is so impeccable and your stock selection is simply marvelous. The stocks give beautiful momentum right after you pick them. All the concepts taught were never heard of, so unique and give an edge in the market. I couldn’t think of achieving 1 Cr profit, but after learning your techniques, seems attainable. I never had enough confidence to trade in futures, but after learning these techniques I am taking futures trades with conviction. I will be ever grateful to you for sharing your invaluable knowledge. Look forward to learn further from you.


Kavitha Aravind | H.M


Thank you for the wonderful Master Class. It's been an amazing learning experience for me. It made me more confident and gave me a different perspective on trading. Even though I was having my regular office meetings at same-time I somehow managed to attend your class because it was very interesting and worth learning. Thanks for encouraging and evaluating all the assignments. 
Afzal Sayeed | Director - Analytics and Data Science


I came into the masterclass with some pre conceived concepts which Karthik made me 'Unlearn' and 'Re-learn' all the things I knew over the last two years. The Fib. Number, Volume profile and other concepts were real eye-openers and putting it all in a matter of 90 mts is something not many can do. Karthik broke down the concepts to a granular level and would hand hold you until you LEARN! I would strongly recommend the Masterclass for any novice to advanced level trader or Fund Manager and the two weeks of classes were fun and also eye-openers as to how to tame the market moves.
Thanks again to Mr. Kartik and Ms. Raksha Soni for all the efforts put into creating the content and delivering it to their students in the simplest manner possible.


Krishna Kumar | Broadridge


The whole Masterclass with Karthik revolves around .015 Velocity which is highly advanced yet simple to implement. This two weeks of masterclass changed my whole thinking stock-markets and technical analysis. Today in our 'masterclass community" we make 50k to 1.5Lakhs almost everyday, i think no class in the world ever teaches you that. After-all this is a class by Karthik, God of technical analysis himself.
Nazmije Ibrahimaj | Co-founder and CFO of an SME


"When I first heard that Karthik would be giving a masterclass on technical analysis, I thought I didn't belong there - it sounded like a "science fiction" for me - I thought it was for professional traders! But nevertheless I wanted to participate and listen to his lectures since there was nothing to lose. So I was very much looking forward to it and knew I won't regret it. The information I gained there would last a lifetime! When the masterclass started I saw that it was in fact suited for both novice and experienced traders.

The small composition of the groups provided a quality-over-quantity approach to the lectures. Everyone had enough time to ask as many questions as they had and Karthik was always ready to answer on the spot. He is very patient man with his students! Moreover, the lectures were VERY interesting, interactive and constructive. Questions were answered as many time as needed and from different angles, while also using various examples to better explain the issue at hand. He wouldn't read from prepared scripts or power point slides, instead he gave us the liberty of choosing which charts we want to analyze. I consider that to be pure knowledge - when there is no need to rely on script and there is no "fear" of ANY chart. He offered valuable tips and tricks that are otherwise impossible to find online - or anywhere else for that matter.

The two weeks of this Masterclass have given me more useful information than I could have imagined. Needless to say I would recommend this class to anyone looking to start or improve their trading!

C'mon, who doesn't want a thicker money account?!?!"

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor's Degree in any discipline

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in Real-Time trading


Programme Fee: ₹39,000 / $535.00

Class Size Limited to 10 only*
Batch 10th Starts on April 25th, 2022, 7:30 PM 

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Nirmal Kumar | Data Replication Specialist


Karthik's  master class is a perfect recipe , a well planned and very well articulated class for traders to learn the real tricks of the trade which is being applied in real trading world. Karthik is a genius in his trading world having immense experience of making money. I can be sure if someone learns from him even 10% of what teaches , one can be a successful trader and make his trading for a living.

His looking of market perspective is unique and his practical experiences of the trades i have not seen in my 18 years of trading careers. He is indeed the master of the market. I personally wish him huge abundance of success in career and life and everything !